Check out the cool pictures:




Another happy customer heading out to the lake.




Brand new truck getting some cool fenders with lights





Beautiful Truck











Cute Yorkies in Beautiful Truck




Just a super clean, well maintained Western Star getting 6.5-7MPG and making owner money everday.

USA Working Mans Truck











Our new Knuckle Boom Tire Crane Truck at work...isnt that cool??!!!




Another picture of our new

Knuckle Boom equipped Tire Crane Truck at work!!!






Doing OTR tire repair




Heavy Equipment Tire Replacemnet




We have added a completely outfitted welding trailer for all your Mobile Welding needs.

Outfitted with OHSA approved Personel Protection Equipment and all Safety items, plus grinders and all materials to perfrom quick and efficient repairs.





Different Truck

More Stainless

Pete 379 




Complete Makeover


Wet Kit

5th Wheel Mods

Just a Beautiful W9

If this dont make ya smile, you shouldnt be playin with trucks




Becasue this picture is just cool


The Good Lord blesses everyone of us



Early morning Track Hoe repair

Dont get much better than this



Modified grille guard for increased deer moving capabilities



Modifing building for increased efficiency





Professional 5th wheel blocking for the new Holland FW17 series 5th wheel


This is on a 2014 Pete with short stand, both tall short and long short

The advantages to this method are numerous.....

1. strenght is utilized by capturing the slider assembly

2. one piece pin for maximun strength

3. one weld to stand that says "DO NOT WELD"

4. the weld to stand is for locating only, not holding power




Yes, we do Heavy Equipment 

it would be cooler painted OD Green with Seabees stencils!!!






Beautiful morning sunrise...its gonna be a great day!!






Gettin ready for Harvest




Welding ladder bar brackets back on after steam rollers caused them to seperate.

Street Machine Nationals, DuQuion, IL

OOPS....quiet the "attraction"
Fixin stuff at the Oil Field drilling site.
We can handle oil fieldd repairs
On-Farm TFarm ire Service is just one of our specialites





Drill Rigs dont scare us.....

Even the big ones need luvin too



we Can Do beautiful motorhomes too

We perfrom complete maintenance and emergancy service on motorhomes and motorcoaches.

We also do camper trailers too.


If your relaxing at any of the fine Rend Lake Campgrounds, call us if your equipment needs love!





Monster Macks with yellow cranes are pretty




Even big red fire trucks need love too.








Safety is a big concern. Let us help you with your rear view collision avoidance systems. 



Disclaimer: (I hope this made you smile.....not really something we would do...but you knew that)



Along with our fleet of service trucks, we have added a semi tractor, with dual line wet kit, to offer pick up and delivery of both van trailers, dump trailers, walking floor trailers, almost any kinda trailer.




We manufacture deer guards for Isuzu NPR




Engine swaps are fun.

Ya, alittle overkill on the crane size. Safe....but overkill.

Made it real easy & FAST though!!