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Refurbished & Customized this one

This one was alot of FUN!!!!

So Mr. Kenneth Gilmore came in with his newly purchased truck. He just aquired his new toy, which runs great. He wanted to make sure his brakes where perfect too. While we where talking, he talked about how neat it would be to have a custom paint job on this truck. He talked about the old "Gilmore Gas" pumps and such and he thought having it painted in those color schemes and exact colors would be cool. 

So we went inside and checked out google images of "Gimore Gas" pumps and trucks and fuel stations. Then we broke out some paper and thinking about the curves of a later model truck, designed a paint job that we thought would look super cool. Using curves of fenders, using colors to bring out an old "fat fender" look to modern truck.

Now you can tell that this isnt some "Boyd Codington" drawing, just I drew alot of monster trucks in high school, so I can draw this angled design decent enough.

Mr. Gilmore thought this was cool, so we agreed upon a price and went to work.

And here is finished project. This was alot of fun. The paint colors are perfect Gilmore Gas code numbers thanks to internet forums. Decal is original form of Gilmore Blue Green Gasoline. This picture makes it look kinda white, but its cream color. Truck has hunter green pinstripe that makes it even look more super cool.

The bumper will be changed to Mr. Gilmores custom made unit....now he gets to have fun with it!!